Are you absorbing Vitamin D?

Did you know that Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin? This means that fat is required for it to be absorbed through the stomach. But not just any fat, studies have shown that polyunsaturated fat (vegetable oils) inhibit the absorption of vitamin D, while monounsaturated oils, Omega 3 fatty acids and saturated fats enhance […]

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Ready to see what you’re really made of? Don’t miss REV Yourself with Ben Greenfield!

What if you could be strong, healthy and fit on the outside AND the inside? Much of Kilospires philosophies and ideas were cultivated from many of these speakers. Our foundation of nutrition and fitness is constantly being challenged and established by many of these incredible people! REV Yourself with Ben Greenfield streams online *FOR FREE* […]

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Why Vitamin K2 is important to you!

Did you know that Vitamin K2 plays a key role in cardiovascular disease prevention, helps prevent tooth decay, improves brain function among many other essential healthy body functions? Adequate levels of K2 are required for proper calcium metabolism in order to keep the calcium out of soft tissue and deposited into your teeth and bones […]

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