Body Fat and My Personal Experimentation

The Kilospire way is about learning about yourself and finding what works for you. We give you some tools for your personal toolbox to see if you can figure out a thing or two about yourself. With todays article, we would like to welcome guest blogger Kevin Anderle, Level 1 USA Triathlon Coach with Triple Threat Tough and an age grouper athlete. Kevin recently completed our 28 Day Athlete Program and below shares the experience with all of us.

Take it away Kevin.

As a Triathlon coach, most of my focus as an athlete is on training. And I would say I train harder than most people. I do try to eat the right foods but I admit I also eat (a lot) of the wrong foods. And it’s easy to justify with another extra 30 minutes of training ….Right? Well not so much. Recently I had a conversation with Coach Denise. That conversation led to me having to get on her machine that “tells all” about the wrong foods I eat or rather the effect that the wrong foods have on my body. So we came to an agreement. I’m going to follow her Athlete Program and report back to you on the progress.

And so here’s where I bare my soul and show where I am today:

Weight 174.1 lbs
Body Fat 23.4% Healthy range 11- 22%
Body Water 51.4% Healthy range 50 – 65% – this is your hydration level
Body Fat 23.4% Healthy range 11- 22%
Muscle Mass 126.7 How much of your weight is muscle
Physique Rating 2 This is a moderate amount of muscle (good) and a large amount of fat (not good). Ideally you want to be a 5 which is moderate muscle and moderate fat, which is generally the best for triathletes.
BMR 1750 Basal Metabolic Rate – how many calories your body burns at rest according to a formula
Metabolic Age 49 Compares your numbers to others your age (I’m 53)
Bone Mass 6.6 This should be 7.3. I actually find this number surprising given the amount of weight bearing exercise that you do. If this number doesn’t go up the next couple of times we weigh you, you might ask your doctor for a bone density test the next time you get your physical.
Visceral Fat 10 The fat around your middle that strangles your organs. Should be under 12, doing the Kilospire program will help you get this number down.

So after 28 days I’m now at:

166.8 weight with a body fat percentage of 22.2%

Big improvement in a very short time! And best of all very painless!

I did struggle a bit in the beginning. My experience is that sugar really is a drug. I say this because you brain craves it however even after ingesting sugar you brain is not satisfied and wants more. The cravings went away after about 2 weeks and I found myself making much better conscience eating decisions. I also found after getting off sugar how good fruit tastes.

I did find it difficult (but not impossible) to follow the plan while traveling. Certainly I could follow the plan at a high level (NO PROCESSED FOOD AND SUGAR).

Interestingly, I also found after 28 days on the plan I wasn’t as hungry as before being on the plan. I believe this to be the case due to eating much more high nutrient food rather than high calorie low nutrient highly processed food.

Best of all the better eating habits are now a habit that is easy to follow.

Kevin Anderle
USAT Level 1 Coach

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