One of the things that I have noticed from working with athletes, nutrition clients and even in my own experience is that progress seems to happen suddenly. Nothing, nothing, nothing then – BOOM! Running is an example of an activity where all of a sudden you improve. Weight loss can be the same way. You are not losing any fat for a week or two then all of a sudden your body fat percentage drops.

My theory is that things are changing but at such an unperceivable amount that we just don’t notice it. All of these little tiny changes add up until one day – BOOM!

So how can we use this to help us? Well, when it comes to losing fat, don’t weigh every day. That can drive you crazy because it doesn’t look like you are making progress when you actually are, it’s not perceivable. So the next time that you are worried that you aren’t making progress, maybe you just haven’t gotten to the BOOM yet.

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