Calories Don’t Matter

Do you count the calories that you consume on a daily basis?

Do you count the calories that your burn on a daily basis?

Many diets revolve around the principle of calories in and calories out. And on the surface, it seems like a logical thing to do in order to manage your “weight”.

Or is it? If it were this simple, the majority of people wouldn’t be overfat.

How often do you see wild animals that are overweight? I wonder if that rabbit that lives in your backyard is counting calories? Animals instinctively know how much and which foods to eat and they don’t need anyone telling them what to eat and how much.

The commercialization of food processing has led to the obesity epidemic, which in turn resulted in companies selling multi-billion dollar products and programs based on calorie counting as a way to help people lose weight. In other words they are preying on gullible people desperate for a “quick fix”.

Most people that follow these programs often lose weight, but one of two things, usually both, happen not long after; they gain the weight back and they are often even less healthy than they were when they started.

There are far too many unknown tangibles for calorie counting to be even remotely accurate, such as:

  • the health of your own gut flora
  • how well the food was chewed
  • how processed the food is
  • the amount of energy used during the digestion process
  • the form of the food – liquid or solid
  • the overall nutrient density or deficiency of minerals and vitamins
  • how much of the nutrition in the food is ultimately absorbed
  • calories listed on food labels are rarely accurate

Those are just to name a few!

Most people are focused on scale weight, when in reality muscle is denser than fat, so while the number on the scale might not be moving, you are wearing a smaller pant size. You should be more concerned with inches not scale weight.

For the majority of people, it really is a simple formula. Eat. Real. Food. Stop eating when you are full. Everything else will take care of itself. It won’t be easy for everyone, and some people might need to make some life adjustments or take some supplements as their body acclimates. But counting calories is not a long term solution, so stop counting and start focusing on what you are eating.

Eat Clean to get Lean!

If you are interested in getting into the nitty gritty of why calories don’t matter, check out The Calorie Myth

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