Do or Do not! There is no Can’t.

The words that we use are very powerful and can help us see things in a different way. Frequently when people are changing their eating habits and have set nutrition and health goals for themselves, they use the word “can’t”.

I can’t eat that food.

Make one simple change; switch the word “can’t” with the word “don’t”.

I don’t eat that food.

When we use the word “can’t”, it means that we are prevented from doing something but when we use the word “don’t” it is that we choose not to. This simple change in terminology can change our mindset from being deprived to being empowered to make our own choices. Don’t these plant seeds of doubt into your mind! Productive and positive thinking is more important than you may think in achieving all of your life goals!

Try this the next time someone offers you donuts – No thank you, I don’t eat donuts.

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