Do you need post workout protein? (not really)

Raise your hand if you have been told you should consume the proper protein and carbohydrates shortly or immediately after any workout, especially hard workouts?

Some people even report that if you miss this mystical window of opportunity for proper nutrient timing you might as well have not even worked out at all!

Most of this stuff is propaganda perpetuated by the supplement industry trying to sell you more of their fancy supplements. They typically back up their claims by referencing research they funded themselves or have been selectively chosen to complement their specific products.

The vast majority of these types of studies are typically performed on elite level athletes (is that you?) while working out or training in a “fully fasted” state.

These athletes also typically push themselves much harder and further than most “normal” people.

The fact of the matter is, as long as your body isn’t sore or still recovering from a previous workout AND you consume meals at regular intervals there is no real need to “hurry up and suck down a protein shake” immediately post workout. You could argue that if this was your first workout of the day, and you had a second workout planned later in the day, it would make some sense for you to replenish your depleted stores before that next workout as to not cannibalize muscle for energy later in the day.
Women Drinking Protein

If you want to take a little deeper dive into “protein timing” and get more into this stuff, check out this blog article over at ThorneFX

Do You Need a Protein Shake Right After Your Workout?

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