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Don’t Think, Just Do It

There is a study that shows that we only have the ability to make so many decisions per day. When we hit our limit it’s called “decision fatigue”. I’ve experienced this, it is usually at the end of a long day and I’m tired and hungry and just grab whatever is available to eat, even if it is not the best choice and doesn’t support my nutrition goals.

I often use these strategies to combat decision fatigue and stick to my health and fitness goals:

– Do a weekly meal plan. It can be super-detailed or just a rough idea. For example you can designate a couple of days as cooking days and pick things that you are going to make those days. The remaining days can be left overs or restaurant days (just pick a restaurant that has good options). Make sure that you have enough food for breakfast and have a couple of “go-to” lunches – salads and with chicken or steak make a great lunch.

– Make a schedule of what workouts that you will do that week based on what else is on your schedule. Deciding in advance makes it much easier and one less decision to make.

– When I’m driving home from work and really don’t feel like doing my workout, I repeat these words to myself – “Don’t think, just do it.”

What strategies do you use that help you with decision fatigue? Leave them in the comments below or over at our Facebook Page.

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