The Athlete Program

The Athlete Program takes you through designing your optimal eating plan, one that is specifically set up to ensure that you become more metabolically efficient and to train your body to use fat as fuel, reducing the amount that you need to consume and to ensure optimal body composition. We take all of the latest, cutting-edge research and translate it into easy to follow steps to build your own nutrition program to improve your performance and help you meet your athletic goals.

So if you want to train your body to use fat as a fuel source and become a fat adapted athlete, this is the program for you.

What you get with our Athlete Program:

  • Automated Online program designed to walk you through the entire process one step at a time for the duration of all of our athlete programs
  • We start you off with our28 Day Athlete program to kick off as a primer for extra fat loss and to get your body functioning more efficiently
  • Step-by-Step Guide to becoming metabolically efficient so that your body becomes a fat burning machine
  • Sample Menu Plans complete with 3 meals per day with snacks
  • Sample Training Nutrition Plans to implement and test in your training
  • For Endurance athletes, we include a sample Race Day Nutrition Plans and instructions on how to customize them for yourself
  • Are you a Crossfit athlete, or maybe you train for Spartan Races or other similar athletes that participate in training or events that require frequent bouts of high intensity movements, we include a sample event nutrition guidelines to get the most out of your nutrition and performance.
  • Members Only Area with tons of great information, tips, tricks, recipes and how-to videos
  • Restaurant Survival Guide to help you make great choices when eating out
  • Recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious
  • Monthly Videos to explain each part of the program
  • Support from both the Kilospire Team and from other members on the forum and Facebook page
  • Exercise Programs with videos and easy-to-follow instructions
  • Lifetime Membership with access to all of the exclusive members-only content AND the support of the forum

It all starts with the 28 Day Athlete program for $247!

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