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My Love/Hate Relationship with the Scale

For years I had a love/hate relationship with the scale. If the number was “good” then I was super happy and ready to take on the day. If it was “bad” then I was depressed and felt like a failure. Has this happened to you?

I can’t even count how many times that I had a bad day because of the number on the scale. Sad really, since I didn’t even know if I was gaining muscle or retaining water. To me if the number was high, it was bad and I wasn’t reaching my goals.

Let me suggest a new approach – stay off the scale. Focus on the process not the results. It took years for you to gain the weight, give your body time to adjust so that you can lose it. It will take time.

You’ve been following the program and doing everything that you are supposed to do, including getting enough sleep. But don’t see results on the scale.

So what are we going to do? Give up and go back to the way we ate before?

Even though it’s frustrating when you aren’t getting the results that you want, especially if you are a woman over 40, consider the alternative. You are feeling better than you have in years, your clothes are fitting better, you are sleeping and actually have energy. Are you going to give that up because the scale isn’t giving you the number that you want?

This is your new lifestyle. How you eat and care for yourself isn’t based on the number on the scale going down. This is a decision that you made and one that you are going to continue with because there are more important things in your life than the number on the scale. Your health. Your ability to have enough energy to do the things that you want.

Sure it would be great if we could drop the our extra weight in a couple of months of hard work. The weight that we put on over the course of many years. 

Stop letting the number on the scale dictate how you feel and make you question your decision to make your health a priority. Have faith that if you continue to eat well and exercise, you will be healthier than if you had stayed on the path that you were on.

Looking great naked is wonderful. But it is not as important as living long enough and being well enough to enjoy our lives.

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