One of the things that I have noticed from working with athletes, nutrition clients and even in my own experience is that progress seems to happen suddenly. Nothing, nothing, nothing then – BOOM! Running is an example of an activity where all of a sudden you improve. Weight loss can be the same way. You […]

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whoopie pie

Pushers. You know them. They are the ones with the box of donuts at the office, walking around to make sure that everyone gets one. They are the ones at family get togethers that insist that you have some of the pie that they made following your great grandmother’s special recipe. Yes, the dreaded food […]

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Comfort Zone
The Danger in Comfort

I was having a lunch with a friend the other day and the subject turned to the 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program. I asked for his feedback on the program and he asked what was up with the cold showers that were recommended. Contrast showers, where you go from warm to cold water for […]

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