whoopie pie


Pushers. You know them. They are the ones with the box of donuts at the office, walking around to make sure that everyone gets one. They are the ones at family get togethers that insist that you have some of the pie that they made following your great grandmother’s special recipe. Yes, the dreaded food pushers are everywhere. And they are relentless in their goal of making sure that everyone has whatever they are offering.

There will always be food pushers that will insist that you eat foods that don’t support your health goals. In order not to succumb to the pushers, you need to find a strategy that works for you. Often people will use the “food sensitivities” approach – “I’m sorry, but I am sensitive to gluten and have to avoid it.” In fact, you probably are probably sensitive to gluten, many people are and don’t realize it. The “too full” approach can also work, you simply tell the pusher that you ate way too much of their delicious meal to even consider eating another bite. Finally, you can try the “avoiding diabetes” approach – if you have diabetes in your family (and most people do) then you can explain to them that diabetes runs in your family and you are avoiding sugar so that you don’t develop it as well.

Dealing with food pushers can be very challenging, especially when its family members who are doing the pushing, however it does get easier over time. Once people accept that you aren’t going to let them derail your efforts to eat healthy foods, they generally move on to other targets.

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