Quick & Easy Steam Fried Eggs and Veggies

This is one of my favorite GO TO recipes. I make this meal at least 3-5 times a week. Its packed with everything you need, 25-30 grams of protein, loaded with healthy fats, & nutrient dense veggies.

The ingredients
– tomatoes
– green peppers
– onions
– kale
– spinach
– jalapeños
– mushrooms
(just pick a few of your favorite veggies)

– 2-4 eggs (preferably from free range / pastured chickens)

– extra virgin coconut oil
– sea salt
– pepper
– other spices such as turmeric, garlic, cayenne

Step 1
– Put desired amount of veggies chopped up into a frying pan on medium heat with “some water” to sauté
– add all spices that you like to the veggies while they sauté

Step 2
– 2-3 TBSP of coconut oil into a frying pan on medium heat
– crack open and put all eggs into pan
– add “some” water around the edges of the eggs in the pan (typically no more than about 5 TBSP)
– Put cover over frying pad, set timer for 2 minutes.

After two minutes, the eggs will be perfect and ready to eat. Combine with veggies on plate, add salsa if you are like me and put salsa on everything.


This is so easy, even a kid can do it. Watch this how to video below for a great demo!

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