$100 Real Food Challenge

Eating real food on a budget, is it even possible?

Poor health and disease doesn’t discriminate, and for the most part our bodies are very very good at taking care disease if we just provide it with the proper all natural ammunition to do so.

One in 7 people (15%) are currently on the SNAP food assistance program, and about another 20% are ineligible for food stamps (or have not applied) but live on food budgets at or below similar levels. My quick math skills, that means 35% of Americans have to pick and choose what they spend their money on when it comes to food.

Part of the health problem in America today is how easy it is to eat low quality highly processed, refined, and nutrient void food for super cheap and in mass quantities. And the sad part on top of it all, that crap tastes really good! So its easy to get sucked into cycle of bad eating.

So we decided to help Jennifer Silverberg over at Eat Yourself Well and join in on the $100 Real Food Challenge, we both share the same passion to bring good health and happiness to everyone through eating real food.

The challenge is simple in concept, and the outcome should benefit everyone.

Each participate is committing to creating their own shopping list and set of recipes that will provide a family of 4 with healthy, filling, beautiful REAL FOOD for a full week, for $100 (about $1.19/meal/person) or less. Shopping lists and recipes will be posted September 22-28.

$100 Real Food Challenge
We’d love to have you join us! Just click the image and say out loud I’M IN, for the $100 REAL FOOD for a family of 4 for 1 full week Challenge!

Don’t forget to check out Eat Yourself Well over at facebook as well, Jennifer is always posting awesome stuff over there as well.

Kilospire is going to take it one step further, we promote a nutrient dense healthy eating lifestyle across the board, and for anyone that signs up and mentions Kilospire when they submit their recipes will be entered in to win a free access pass to one of our 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss online programs!

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