Ready to see what you’re really made of? Don’t miss REV Yourself with Ben Greenfield!

What if you could be strong, healthy and fit on the outside AND the inside?

Much of Kilospires philosophies and ideas were cultivated from many of these speakers. Our foundation of nutrition and fitness is constantly being challenged and established by many of these incredible people!

REV Yourself with Ben Greenfield streams online *FOR FREE* starting December 15th-19th!  Sign up here

Nutrition and fitness guru and best-selling author Ben Greenfield sat down and conducted 24 one-on-one conversational video interviews with some of the world’s best doctors, athletes, scientists and biohackers. These talks capture their cutting-edge non-run-of-the-mill research and thoughts on performance, mental clarity and total body optimization.

And we guarantee these discussions are not coming up in your doctor’s office or average health or fitness magazine – this is groundbreaking stuff.

Check out just a few of the speakers Ben has lined up for you:

Mark Sisson – 
The 3 Keys To Looking Good Naked
  • You should lift heavy stuff 2-3x per week and you don’t even need to step foot in a gym to do it.
  • A key to looking good naked is to avoid snacking and to instead turn yourself into a fat burning machine.

Nora Gedgaudas – 
How To Cool the Brain
  • Once you have an immune reaction that affects your brain, you’ll have that immune sensitivity forever.
  • Curcumin is an extremely potent anti-inflammatory, which works very well with resveratrol (organic red wine) and other flavonoids (dark colored organic vegetables), bioperine (organic black pepper).

Kelly Starrett – 
How To Become A Supple Leopard
  • The worst thing you can do before or after exercise is to sit down.
  • The best way to assess why you got injured is to start by assessing hydration, sitting too much, not sleeping enough and things that you may not think have anything to do with the injury itself.
And many more speakers, including:
  • The world famous Dr. Joseph Mercola of the #1 health site www.mercola.com!
  • Dr. Peter Attia the worlds leading expert, How To Become A Fat Burning Machine
  • Dr. Jack Kruse – Protecting Your Body From The Hazards Of Airline Travel
Get signed up right here http://goo.gl/kLuE7I , all FREE just in time for the Holidays!

We wish everyone great health and to have a safe and Happy Holiday season!

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