Congratulations to Lynn for finishing the 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program. Lynn reports having more energy, sleeping better and losing 1.5 inches off of her waist. Way to go Lynn!
Lynn West

Before starting with Kilospire I was a very active obese person. I previously worked with another nutritionist who had me eating a low fat and high carb diet while training. That plan was okay but kept me fat and barely successful at events. I signed up with Denise expecting some nutrition guidance and help with losing weight and nutrition to improve my performance. I was a bit skeptic when Denise said to eat butter, healthy fats and not count calories but I agreed to do what she said. What I received in return was unimaginable!
Following the guidance of the Kilospire plan I have gone from a size 18 to a size 12. I am still losing fat and feel like a new person. My cholesterol was recently tested and my doctor asked if I was taking medication that she didn’t know about. My HDL level is 81 and my LDL is extremely low at 51. My triglycerides are 51. AMAZING!

All that after eating a high healthy fat diet for 6 months. I cannot say enough about the attention and help that Kilospire has given me. Denise has gone above and beyond to support my efforts and meet my needs. I am not finished yet and she is still supporting me every step of the way. I would recommend her to anyone whether you are an athlete or just someone needing a new way to eat. My cravings for carbs are gone and my body is changing in a good way. I love Kilospire!

- Lynn

After Bariatric surgery I started an exercise plan and was doing well. However, I was at the point where I needed to make good food choices on my own and long term. I really had no experience in planning meals since my life before was a series of fast food or going out to dinner. I saw a presentation from Kilospire and I was curious to learn about the Athlete Program. I contacted Coach Denise and we talked about my goals and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I was happy that Coach Denise ensured that the meal choices were foods I would eat and enjoy. I tried new recipes I would have never had tried on my own. The best thing ever from their program I became a cook. I actually enjoy cooking healthy. I have a new love for organic anything, grass fed beef, grass fed butter and avocados. My family enjoys my cooking now and actually asks to take leftovers to work for lunch the next day. That has NEVER happened! Coach Denise made it easy for me to continue planning out healthy meal choices after the program was completed. I decreased my metabolic age from 46 to 27, body fat from 32.8 to 24.6 and lost the last stubborn 15 pounds.

-Shari W.

I always want to preface this recommendation with the statement that the ONLY thing I changed in the 28 days was my food and what I was eating it. I had already been working out 6 days a week for 2 hours a day for 4 months with almost no change in weight, body fat, or how I felt. I had also pretty much been off of bread and pasta during this time as well.

I have also tried several other 28 day challenges with other well known nutrition companies without results even close to this. In 28 days with Kilospire I increased my muscle mass from 91.4 to 97.5, decreased my metabolic age by 14 years, and decreased my body fat percentage from 33.8 to 27.9.
I also dropped a size and a half in clothes!

The best part..I was never hungry. Not only was the meal plan extremely easy to follow but I felt full and had more consistent energy while eating this way. I hate cooking, but even the meals were easy to make and they were actually good!

One of the biggest changes I noticed aside from what happened to the outside of my body what was what happened to the inside. I suffer from depression which causes some drastic mood swings from time to time. During these 28 days I felt consistently happier, healthier, and less moody. This is something not just I noticed but some of my friends commented on it as well. My quality of sleep also improved significantly!

I love this program and will continue to eat this way because it is easy, it makes me feel amazing, and my body keeps changing to become more lean! It’s awesome!!!!!

-Kelly M.

I thought I ate pretty healthy going into the 28 day Athlete program only to find out I wasn’t. I admit that I am a weekend junkie. I’d eat healthy all week and the blow it out on the weekends feeling justified. Little did I know that the highs and lows of energy levels, continual cravings was keeping me trapped in a vicious cycle. By the time I reached out to Kilospire I was at my wit’s end. I was beyond frustrated wondering all the while why I couldn’t stay off the junk food.

I’ll admit, my first 2 weeks was really hard…harder than I thought. Every time I would tell my husband that I couldn’t eat an avocado because it was too “fattening” he would remind me that fat was ok…I was SO afraid of gaining weight. I desperately wanted to feel better, so I kept trudging with the plan that was laid out for us in the meal plan. I would message Denise often and she was quick and responsive (and kind) despite all of my questions, comments and complaints of how I wanted either cake or chips.

My experience has been that if I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, I’d get to the other side. I fell off the wagon for 2 days in a row, and was NOT looking forward to my upcoming weigh in.

When I got on the scale I watched in complete amazement as the numbers went down! I actually lowered my metabolic age by 10 years which to me meant I was healthier on the “inside!”

I plan on continuing to practice what I learned and to use it as a toolbox for “living.” I can’t turn around 30 years of eating badly in one day, but I can do it one day at a time! All I have to do is look at my progress that I made (which is up by my pantry door) and remember what my goals are.

Kilospire has opened my eyes to what I eat now and I couldn’t have done this program without them.

-Susan G.

I’m your typical age-grouper that came from the mentality that if I burn 1,000 calories during a race or workout that I could eat anything I want. I had shakes for breakfast and after long workouts, but everything else was fair game. My energy levels were a roller coaster all day long, frequently just staring at my computer at work in a daze and not motivated to tackle the next workout. Sore all the time. Long recovery times. I have every cool book for endurance athletes on my bookshelf. I’ve listened to countless podcasts and printed out countless blogs and articles on nutrition. Good stuff, but nothing really changed.

There is so much mis-information out there that it’s hard to sort it all out. Let Kilospire do all the work for you.

Trevor and Denise are great with guiding you every step of the way. They answer your questions, and get you thinking differently. They are the best at what they do and you will likely learn more than what’s on the surface. Kilospire is a melting pot of cutting edge nutrition and doesn’t pigeon-hole you into a specific protocol. It’s customized to your needs and goals, not a cookie cutter deal. You can tell by their enthusiasm and sincerity that they love this stuff. You can do what you’ve always done, and get what you’ve always got. Or you can try something different and get something different.

-Kenny G.

After taking a year from formalized training, I desperately needed to work on creating a nutrition plan that would fuel my workouts and help my body get back into shape.  Within 40 days of working with Denise, I had lost 17 lbs and drastically improved my running times in the process!  Her program was the catalyst for a personal best half marathon time in 2013!

- Bobby

I noticed  that at the end of the  2nd week I didn’t feel bloated and my mid section looked trimmer.  I slept better and my skin had a nice color and glow and my blemishes were nearly  gone around my hairline and back.

As far as food intake went, I found I preferred crunchy almost raw natural vegetables versus the stir fry seasoned vegetables.   I didn’t miss the pasta , bread, or my usual rice staple, instead I was fully satisfied with avocado/salad/sweet purple potato or yam with my meat.  I also liked the protein mix as a snack or breakfast.  The avocado with protein mix is especially scrumptious and satisfied my sweet tooth.

Overall, it was very challenging because I do like sweets and fruit, but I found some things I could live without and nutritious food I  actually liked.  I think I could definitely make some permanent food changes that wouldn’t compromise my taste. Another thing I realized is that how important nutrition is … How you want to sculpt your body to eliminate unnecessary food and that you don’t have to eat big portions to be full.  Exercise cannot improve your body alone, you also need to fuel your body with quality food. ”

- Liz

I started working with Denise 6 months from my first Ironman. I really clicked well with her because she understands that I have a family, work full time, and train. She gave me easy recipes, and I only had to go to one grocery store. The first month was an adjustment with no weight change, but by the 2nd month I started to see results, and that got me motivated. By the 6th month, also the same month as my Ironman, I had lost 17 lbs lost 4.5″ in my waist; 3.25″ in my hips and 3.5″ in my chest; .5″ arms and 1″ in legs!!!! Denise taught me to set myself up to succeed by planning ahead and cooking for the week on Sunday. I have learned so much from her and so grateful for her helping me reach my goal of becoming an Ironman.

- Stacy

Kilospire has changed my relationship with food. I found immediate success and have been able to “stick with it.” As a “big guy” I was concerned that the program would severely limit my food choices and I was going to be hungry constantly. I found the opposite to be true. In fact, once I understood the core principles, Kilospire was very liberating. At some point, it stopped being about how much weight I was losing, and instead I was able to focus on how good I felt after meals. I was able to zero-in on things that made me feel good. The weight I continued to lose was a by-product of no longer eating garbage food. If you are like me, and have struggled with weight and fad diets, Kilospire gives you the knowledge you need to have a healthy and sustainable approach for nutrition.

- Michael M

Take it from me ‘you cannot out run your mouth’! I trained two years for IM Florida and although I lost about 35 lbs. I still weighed 235 the day of IMF. Tommy, my TTT coach, encouraged me to contact Denise because he felt getting my weight down would help my training and times. I signed up with Denise for 6 months and could not be more pleased with the results. Not only did I hit my goal weight of 215 but I was able to lower my body fat percentage and gain muscle mass. That is not easy to do for an older age grouper (56). She walked me through each step and was very supportive. She took a realistic approach to my nutrition program and did not place unachievable expectations on me that added ‘guilt’ when I made bad food choices. I highly recommend Denise if you are serious about improving your nutrition. She is very personable and knows her stuff!

- Bob