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Trevor Parks

Trevor became more than just casually interested in health and fitness when he was first exposed to the concept of “detoxification” in relation to being healthy. This started his quest to learn more about the latest cutting-edge research in everything related to health, wellness, fitness and living a healthy high performance lifestyle. A self-proclaimed “life-hacker”.

Through diligent research, trial and error trying things on himself and his clients, and through the training received through Superhuman Coach, Trevor has also become metabolic efficiency specialist!

In between experiments, Trevor teaches martial arts, races motocross and enjoys the random outdoor activity including triathlon and rock climbing. Due to his ability to escape unscathed from crazy stunts and experiments, he sometimes refers to himself as “bulletproof”.

Additionally, Trevor is a 2 time veteran of American Ninja Warrior, he has taken his health and fitness biohacking skills to the next level and applied them to his Ninja Warrior Training! You can follow his random life experiments on himself and his Ninja Warrior adventures that he chronicles on over on his youtube channel HackingZero.

American Ninja Warrior Trevor Parks